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Sharpen the saw

Suppose you were to come upon someone in the woods working feverishly to saw down a tree. „What are you doing, you look exhausted?“ you ask. „Can‘ t you see?“ comes the impatient reply, „I’m sawing down this tree for five hours now, I am beat!“… „Well, why don‘ t you take a break for 5 minutes and sharpen the saw?“ you ask. „I do not have the time to sharpen the saw,” says the man emphatically. „I am too busy sawing!“

(from The 7 habits of highly effective people/Stephen R. Covey)

Workshops & Trainings

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We have to make sure to sharpen our saws and those of our staff, so that we can be resilient, stress resistent, productive and change proof.

Convinced that people should be at the focus of the strategic development task and that empathy is the secret to hospitality, customer service and sales, we offer trainings in the area of intercultural sales, specifically for the German market, teambuilding for the touristic season, resilience & stress management, stress management in hospitality (1. Wellcoming/2. Leading with stress & complaints) as well as embodied leadership.

Being in a more relaxed state, we can listen more openly to the future as it emerges and to our emotions as a fast track information system. We might achieve the most sustainable solutions by not only engaging our rational mind, but as well our emotional and somatic intelligence and thereby integrate head, heart and hand. This is what we learn in the embodied leadership training.

You are a (hospitality/tourism) company looking for training in international and cross-cultural sales?

You are a (hospitality/tourism) company looking for training in the area of stress management, resilience and leadership embodiment?

You are a (hospitality/tourism) company open for new approaches in the development of learning & working culture, team building & leadership skills?

1st: Knowing - 2nd: Being able to - 3rd: Wanting to do - 4th: Doing consistently

Examples Trainings

1st- Knowing

2nd – Being able to

3rd - Wanting to do

4th - Doing consistently

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