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Facilitation of Mindful agile change - systemic |agile organizational development

“If you throw a stick to a dog,
the dog will chase the stick.
If you throw a stick to a lion, the lion will turn around to see who threw the stick."


We go with you to the root cause of the challenge and act from there rather than chasing after perceptions.

Your are a (tourism/hospitality) company seeking support in driving change in the area of service quality, reputation management or sustainability?

You are a (hospitality/tourism) company open for new approaches in the development of learning & working culture, team building & leadership skills?

You are a DMC, Hotel Chain or a touristic region aiming to explore the German market?

ConExTour manages & facilitates projects in the area of

  • Sustainable Tourism

  • Tourism/Hospitality Marketing & Sales

  • Export promotion

  • Business Development

  • Touristic online projects

  • Human ressources

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