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Sabine is a enthousiastic and experienced tourism, business development and marketing & sales expert with +20 years of experience at the world market leader in tourism/TUI and in consulting, in different management tasks and in an international environment. Today she offers coaching, training & facilitation in the areas of resilience, communication, team development and change. Native German, she has a profound knowledge of portuguese, french and italian culture, where she lived and worked several years. She works in english, german, portuguese and french language and has a dense network of professional contacts.

It is the people that are at the focus of change management and the strategic development task.

Consultant & Trainer Sabine
Sabine Kampmeier

"Even if we are fed up with hearing about VUCA World: Our society, organizations, teams and often enough ourselves are faced with enormous challenges. They are complex, cause uncertainty and ask for change at a time when we are stuck in the “tragic gap”: the old is no longer there and the new is yet to come. This potentially creates fear and stress - and obstructs the path on which development can happen.

As a coach, trainer and facilitator of change, I work with systemic tools, Theory U / awareness-based systems change, agility, embodiment, yoga, mindfulness and neuroscience.

I am currently particularly interested in learnings from our home office time, how we effectively design virtual and hybrid work in NEW NORMAL and what inner development is needed for NEW WORK to succeed.

Besides, I am interested in how embodiment and mindfulness do not only increase the resilience of employees, but also develop teamwork, empathy, creativity, openness to change and focus. I believe that sustainable solutions can only be found by engaging our rational mind, plus EMOTIONAL and SOMATIC INTELLIGENCE - aligning HEAD, HEART & HAND.

I am a sensitive listener and empathic communicator, analytical, clear and creative and I open and hold the space in which change can happen.

My VISION is a PURPOSEFUL, SUSTAINABLE and HUMAN business environment in which individuals and teams can THRIVE and face the CHALLENGES not only of the fast paced VUCA world, but also of the underlying SYSTEMIC ECOLOGICAL, SOCIAL and CULTURAL divides. 

If you are curious about my work, I look forward to an email to and a first non-binding phone call."

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Tel.: 0049 541 38594545

Mob. D: 0049 176 78335846

Mob. PT: 00351 916880043

Hehekamp 22

D-49076 Osnabrück

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