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The time to relax is

when we do not have time for it!

"Coping with stress is highly trainable"

Understanding stress

Pace seems to increase at work and in our private lives. Additional to that, our senses are constantly beeing drawn to the outside and online world. Not easy to remain focussed and not to get stressed! But what is stress, really? 

If our mind preceives a situation as a potential threat, and this is a very personal perception - and we feel we have no or little control over the situation, the stress response kicks in: Stress hormones are realeased into the body to prepare it for action:

  • The heart rate increases, pumping the blood faster

  • The respiration increases, providing the body with more oxygen

  • The muscles get tense

  • You are ready for fight-or-flight!


The stress response is an automatic survival mechanism of our „old brain“ that helps to react quickly when we have to jump into the pool to save a kid from drowning, but not always helpful in day-to-day life, where we need a clear and calm mind. It is even health threatening when becoming a chronical situation such as high blood pressure, muscular problems, burn out etc.. Studies say that 70 – 90 % of all illnesses stress related and WHO (World Health Organization) qualifies stress the number 1 health risk in the 21st century.

Relieving Stress
Building a foundation of inner steadiness
Coping with stress as it arises

While stress starts in the mind and manifests in the body, the most effective way to relieve stress is to start to release tension in the body and then work on the more subtle levels of the mind, just as you would stop a car by using the breaks and only then turning the engine off.



  • mindful stretching,

  • deep breathing and relaxation exercises

  • centering and concentration techniques

and focussing on its effects on the body, we can become aware of stress as it builds up and relieve it while it is happening. Practising these techniques on a regular basis gives you a foundation for balance to face the day-to-day challenges in your business and private life more easily.

"Yoga 4Stress.Management provides a comprehensive system
helping to reduce stress,
increase productivity & foster resilience"
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